Our Dog and Cat Grooming Services

We offer a full dog and cat grooming service in a safe, secure and calming environment. Care and wellbeing always come first.

We offer various packages to suit your dog’s needs. Whether this is as simple as a brush out, a full groom or grooming a dog in stages to ease stress and anxiety.

We offer a friendly, relaxed and calm atmosphere and welcome all breeds and behaviours. Each dog is always treated as an individual and our grooming practices are adjusted to your dog’s needs.

We offer a Self Service dog wash using the hydrobath. Say goodbye to the hassle of using your own bath and the mess but still enjoy the interaction with your pet. We offer guidance whist using the facility so feel free to ask.

We only believe in bathing our dogs in the hydrobath. The Hydrobath provide an effective, enjoyable, hassle-free bathing experience. The bath creates a warmed, pressurised shampoo solution which allows full penetration into the coat for fast, effective and superior bathing. The result is a dog with better coat and skin condition.

Due to the rapid pressurised washing, dogs are not put under stress of being placed in a bath for long periods. A newfoundland can be washed thoroughly in under 15 minutes, a Labrador in under 10 minutes and a Bichon Frise in under 5 minutes.

Whatever your requirements, we are here to help and offer advice.

Full Grooms

Dog Full Grooms In Storrington, West Sussex

Prices are variable and dependant on the coat condition and the dogs behaviour. Extra charges will apply if a dog is suffering with fleas. This requires different shampoos and the whole salon must be treated.


Small Breeds from £25
Medium Breeds from £35
Large Breeds from £50
Extra Large Breeds from £60

Wash, Dry, Brush out including nails and ears

Dog Full Grooms In Storrington, West Sussex
Small Breeds from £10
Medium Breeds from £20
Large Breeds from £30
Extra Large Breeds from £40

Self Service Hydrobath includes shampoo, use of a dryer, brush, cologne

Dog Self Service Hydrobath In Storrington, West Sussex
Small Breeds £7
Medium Breeds £10
Large Breeds £12
Extra Large Breeds £15

Single Treatments

Nails £5
Glands £5
Nails and Glands £8
Teeth Cleaning £10

30 West Street, Storrington, West Sussex, RH20 4EE